Network Status can provide a visual reference by showing water sources & water levels in real time.

The key component to the system is that each asset is geographically recorded, by using the Latitude and Longitude coordinates, these are used to provide an overlay over Google maps to display the information.

Once the information is loaded, the portal is ready for use, to obtain privately owned Rural Fire Services Water Sources, 818 Software has provided the website that can be used by the general public to list their Dams, Water Storage Tanks & Swimming Pools, to be loaded to Network Status as a Fire Services Asset.

The portal has separate areas which can only be accessed after a secure login, and having privileges assigned.

The User on logging in, can use the address search field to display the area of interest.

The Administration staff on logging in, have the following functions available:

  •   Map and address search field that is used to identify the area of interest
  •   Ability to assign and remove privileges of registered users
  •   Enable the function to change the status of the water assets
  •   A search function to find a particular water asset
  •   A function to upload a spread sheet of all water assets
  •   The ability to add in a single water asset
  •   The ability to add in an icon to show if a water tanker is on site

An additional service is a Fire Front Tracker App, that allows for Fire Services personal to easily plot a fire and the information is reflected in real time in the Network Status Web Portal.

Fire Services Water Status Images

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